A short collection of motion graphics and animation work for clients and personal projects

In addition to traditional design services, I can offer a range of multimedia services for basic projects. You might need a short animation for your website, some photos of your team or your products, or even some video taken and edited. If I am already working with you I will be familiar with your brand, and will be able to assist you more intuitively and at a lower cost than a multimedia agency. 

I partner with Sunset Films production company and have done video, editing and graphics work on many of their TV projects including Pets Practice, Victoria's Islands and 4x4 Aussie Mates. If your project is big or complex enough, we may be able to work together with Sunset Films to create something truly unique and professional for you.



I have access to high quality photography equipment including cameras, lighting and backgrounds. I can provide high quality images at a fraction of the cost of a studio.

I can provide basic photo manipulation  and clean up as part of a photography package, or more detailed work at an extra cost.

Click on the thumbnails to see the selected folio images at full size. 



I have done a number of commissioned illustration for individuals, small businesses and corporates. For purposes from a fun gift idea to a structured dialogic image that represent’s a company’s story and vision.