Graphic Recording

Having a Graphic Recording artist at your event adds interest, colour and fun, as well as multiple other benefits. I have performed this service for clients all across Australia, where participants at the events gain insight and understanding by seeing their ideas and discussions illustrated in real time. 


Gain insight during your event, not after!

My work is different to most sketch artists, because I work with the organiser or facilitator to ensure that the piece is created in real time.  This means that I listen to what is happening in the group, and illustrate the topics and ideas as they come up. This allows you and your team to engage with the work-in-progress, providing them with a new perspective on their own ideas. It helps the group distil and make meaning of often complex thoughts in a way that engages their emotions and supports their commitment to action. Engaging with the piece as a group creates shared understanding and provides a collective anchor that the group can look back on to focus their energy and action-planning, without having to wait until the event is over to view the final product. 

Victoria with her first Graphic Recording peice

The graphic recording... is an amazing skill - much more than a gift to all who were present - it's a visual record that has a life well beyond the event. I've worked directly with Victoria for 5+ years. Talented. Thoughtful. Considerate. Responsive. Creative. A joy to work with. 

Michael Howard - HCI

Client team with the final work

Gain new perspectives

Graphic recording is a fun way to identify and distil the most important elements of a given topic or strategy, and becomes a visual reminder of that which is important to the group as a whole. 

"Our Journey to the Future" - Client Extract

Engage the team

Illustrating the discussion in real time is an opportunity to explore collective focus areas in a creative way that helps to engage individuals and create a sense of inclusion and shared ownership. 

Client team with the final work

Stay focused

The final product is a souvenir of your event, a reminder of the work that you did together and a focus point for your action plans. Display it in your workplace to help improve your team's memory of the event and to remind them what you are working towards.