Desktop Publishing

Document Formatting

Do you spent too much time worrying about the look and feel of your documents, when you should be spending time working on the content? Sometimes good presentation is the best way to make a good first impression. I can provide formatting services for all of the following:

  • Newsletters
  • Magazines
  • Presentations
  • Text posters
  • Research papers
  • Essays
  • Annual reports
  • Email messages
  • Text posters
  • And more!

Custom Templates

Are you tired of having to spend time having to make your letters, proposals, articles and workbooks look professional and consistent? I can help you build custom templates to make the process easier. Templates can be provided in Word and Powerpoint so that you can easily add your content.

  • Templates give you a place to start – no more white page intimidation!
  • Custom reformatting – not confident? You fill in the provided template with your content and I will tidy it up for you. Or just send me your copy and I will provide a full publishing service.

Print & Digital

Desktop Publishing is not always about the printed page. I can help you create custom e-cards or messages, as well as professional presentations using the medium of your choice.

  • Custom e-cards to your specifications, using your branding
  • Email newsletters or messages using your MailChimp account (or similar)
  • Professional looking presentations – in Powerpoint, Prezi, or your choice of online presentation design program.

Scanned Document Restoration

Do you have old documents in hard copy that you need to edit digitally, or need to be reformatted? Save yourself from having to re-type them – think of all those saved hours!

  • Digitalisation of scanned documents using a combination of translation technology and by-hand restoration
  • Most PDF-to-Word software will fail to translate tables, charts and anything other than perfectly clear text with any accuracy. I will do the rest of the work that could take you days! See an example in the Gallery below.
  • Proofreading provided and reformatting at your request.

Examples of Work